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Broad-palmed Frog

Photo: Courtesy of Damon Ramsey
BSc.(Zool) Biologist Guide

Broad-palmed Frog: 
Litoria latopalmata

  • A highly variable frog, probably with more than one species represented under this name.
  • Pale fawn to dark brown above, immaculate or with a series of darker variegations and blotches .
  • A broad black canthal stripe, almost completely interrupted in front of the eye, and continued behind the eye to almost enclose the tympanum and extend to the flanks, where it breaks up into an irregular series of black spots and blotches extending to the groin.
  • A pale glandular stripe from below eye to base of forelimb.
  • Lower jaw variegated with brown and pale creamy-white. Hind side of thighs variegated with yellow and dark brown, often forming a reticulum.
  • Skin smooth or with a few small flat warts; remaining ventral surfaces and lower flanks granular.


  • Coast, ranges and interior of eastern Australia, from central QLD to central NSW.


  • The average adult length of the Broad-palmed frog is 40 millimetres.


  • A terrestrial, nocturnal frog, individuals of which appear to forage widely over the forest or woodland floor, or on coastal and river floodplains, even well away from water.

Information:  Harold G. Cogger, Reptiles & Amphibians of Australia

Additional Broad-palmed frog photos

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