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  • The less you carry the more you will enjoy your holiday.
    Don't take more that 2 bags for each person. 
    Never pack more than you can easily carry yourself.
    Bring very little. When in doubt, leave it out.

  •   Some are able to pack in only a carry-on and a smaller tote which is ideal. This eliminates hassles at check in and baggage claim. Always check with the airline on baggage restrictions.  Never pack more than you can easily carry by yourself--you don't want to be struggling through the airport as you hurry to catch a plane.
  • A rule of thumb is to pack everything you think you will need, then reduce it by half. Take it for a walk, carry it up and down some stairs, then reduce it by half again. The most important advice anyone can give you about packing is to travel light! Airlines now have strict rules on the amount and size of both carry-on and checked baggage. Plus, less luggage means shorter waits for baggage claim, less need for porters and easier Customs inspections.

Plan your wardrobe    return to tips for easier packing

  • Select clothes that will coordinate around one or two colours.
  • Don't take several pairs of shoes. 
  • Keeping a list in your suitcase will make your packing easier the next time around and will be beneficial if your items are lost or stolen.
  • Know the weather conditions of your destination and bring the appropriate clothing.
  • Take old clothes and throw them out during your trip, freeing up space to bring back purchases and gifts
  • Think of travel activities ahead of time--business engagements, sports plans, the length of your stay, and how often you will need to change clothes.
  • Remember when you travel you probably will not be in the same town 3 days in a row. So who cares if you are wearing the same pants two days in a row.

Keep It Small  return to tips for easier packing

  • Have a leak proof  bag  filled with your favourite toiletries stored in small plastic bottles.
  • Don't fill your bottles to the top and use zip lock bags so they won't leak when the liquid expands in high altitudes. 
  • Cotton swabs and balls may be transferred into plastic bags for easy storage.
  • Use empty plastic film canisters to store your shampoo, lotion or other toiletries in and throw them away as you go.

Pack tight     return to tips for easier packing

  • To get  more space and less wrinkles roll your T-shirts and other casual items.
  •  Plastic dry cleaner bags also help reduce wrinkles for any garment you pack. 
  • Put  socks and underwear in your shoes to free up space and reduce crushing. 
  • Do not over pack. This will cause considerable wear on your bag and zippers.  
  • The best way to avoid wrinkling suits is to roll them up carefully, then put them in a plastic bag. 
  • Use Zip-Lock Bags, one each for toiletries, underwear, socks, and so on. 
  • Pack heavier items on the bottom of your suitcase.
  • Place items that you might need right away -- like pyjamas and a toothbrush -- on the top.
  • Too small a suitcase will cause crowding and crushing of clothes.
  • Too large a suitcase your clothes will slide around and crumple.
  • Hanging your wrinkled clothing in a steamy bathroom, helps to "iron out" the wrinkles.
  • If you are having trouble fitting everything in, look for ways to use nooks and crannies. 
  • Fill the area around books with socks. Put your modem cables inside your shoes.
  • Pack tightly. Packing loosely wastes precious space and causes clothes to wrinkle.
  • Shoes can be packed in an old pair of socks to protect other clothes from being soiled. 
  • Stuff your shoes with underwear and socks so that they won't be crushed during your flight.
  • Suits, dresses, shirts and blouses should be packed in plastic dry cleaner bags to limit wrinkling.
  • You may want to consider the "interweaving method" of packing for your next trip. Drape longer garments such as dresses and pants across the suitcase with the ends hanging over the sides. Then fold shorter items such as jackets, shirts and blouses around the longer garments so that the clothes cushion each other. Placing a piece of tissue paper between each layer of clothing will also discourage wrinkling.
  • Pack all your clothing in large plastic zip-lock bags, expelling as much air as possible. This prevents them from creasing and absorbing moisture - especially helpful if travelling to a humid location or if something leaks in luggage during travel. 
  • Remember, if carrying a backpack, the SAFEST weight is a third of your own body weight.
  • If you are travelling with someone, pack half your clothes in their bag, and carry half theirs in your luggage. Then if one bag gets lost, you at least have half your things.

Always Carry On  return to tips for easier packing

Always carry any valuables, jewellery, cameras, medication, money, traveller's checks, keys, travel documents, and a change of clothes with your carry on luggage in case your checked bags are damaged, lost, or stolen.

Wear your jacket on the plane instead of putting it in your suitcase. ( airplanes are frequently cold.)

  • Airlines in  Australia have much stricter carry-on policies than in the US - and the policies are enforced.
  • Most of the carry-on baggage restrictions do not apply to purses, coats, diaper bags, or camera equipment.
  • It's best to plan to carry your most important items in a small briefcase and be prepared to check everything else.

Identify Your Luggage  return to tips for easier packing

  • Clearly label all luggage, including carry-ons, with your name, address, and phone number.
  • Use a business address or P.O. Box, so as not to lead possible thieves to your home.
  • Put copy of your itinerary with your business address in an outside pocket of your suitcase with the note "itinerary in outside pocket" emblazoned near your name on your luggage tags. This information will help minimize any delay in retrieving lost luggage.
  • A colourful ribbon or sticker will help you distinguish your bags from similar ones.
  • You should have at least 2-3 luggage tags on each piece.
  • Remove any old claim checks to avoid confusion for baggage handlers.

Travel Insurance   return to tips for easier packing

  • Travel insurance can be the difference between an interesting adventure and a disaster.
  • Travel insurance gives you peace of mind.
  • Insure any valuables not covered normally by the airlines or common carrier. 
  • All participants should have their baggage insured.
  • Simple insurance plans are available at banks and travel agencies.
  • Travel Insurance and medical Information for Americans Travelling Abroad

Lock your luggage  return to tips for easier packing

  • This prevents accidental opening and detours theft.
  • There are luggage locks or you can us ZIP TIES from the hardware store.
  • Using a luggage strap is highly recommended for larger pieces (26" and larger). This  will also prevent accidental opening, detour theft, and help identify your luggage at baggage claim. 
  • If you are travelling internationally, you should pack your own gear, then either lock it or keep it close to you at all times.

Avoiding Breakages return to tips for easier packing

  • If you are travelling with anything breakable, surround it with soft items.
  • Put your CD player inside a plastic bag, then put it inside a plastic bag filled with your socks. .
  • Put your breakable item inside a cardboard box stuffed with foam or packing "peanuts", then putting that box inside your suitcase.
  • The best way to avoid breakage is to take the item as carry-on, if possible.

Choosing Luggage   return to tips for easier packing

  • Try to limit your luggage to one suitcase and a carry-on bag.
  • If you have to purchase new bags, choose luggage that is lightweight, roomy and easy to carry, yet durable enough to withstand rough treatment.
  • Choose material that will not sag or rip as it moves along the conveyor belt.
  • Make sure that each piece has a secure lock. Keep the keys on your person or in your hand luggage.
  • A suitcase with wheels, or a baggage caddy will also help make trips through the airport, bus terminal or train station easier, especially if porters are not available.
  • Limit yourself to 20 pounds in a carry-on-size bag. A bag with the dimensions 9" x 22" x 14" will fit under most airplane seats.

Baggage Allowance return to tips for easier packing

Qantas Home

  • Qantas Baggage Requirements


  • Restrictions apply to baggage on all airlines in Australia. If you have baggage which is in excess of the free allowance, you will be liable for charges.

  • Cabin baggage should be kept as light as possible - at some airports there are considerable distances to walk upon arrival or departure.

  • For the comfort and safety of all passengers it is necessary to limit the size and weight of your cabin baggage.

  • Your free checked and cabin baggage allowances on Qantas international and domestic services are detailed below.


  • Checked Baggage. The free baggage allowance is based on weight or number of pieces, depending on your route. Under the piece system, the two pieces of baggage are subject to size restrictions and a maximum weight per bag of 32kg (70lbs). Qantas or your travel agent has further details on baggage entitlements.
 Economy Class  Business Class  First Class 
Total Weight20 kg
(44 lbs)
30 kg
(66 lbs)
40 kg
(88 lbs)
Max Pieces222
  • Cabin Baggage. International allowances vary by class.
  • Economy Class passenger are allowed 1 cabin bag, weighing 7 kg  or less, with maximum linear measurements (the sum of the length, breadth and depth) of 115 cm
  • Business and First Class passengers are allowed 2 cabin bags with maximum linear measurements of 115 cm (45 inches) and the total weight of both pieces no more than 7 kg (15 lbs).
  • Additional allowances are available for Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Chairman's lounge Frequent Flyer or a Qantas Club members.


           Checked Baggage:

  • The total linear dimension of each piece should not exceed 1 X 140 cm 32 kg (70 lbs).  2 x 105cm  max 32 kg (70 lbs).

    Cabin Baggage:
  •  In both classes 2 cabin bags are allowed per person, each with a maximum linear dimension of 105 cm (41 inches).
  • The total weight of all bags should not exceed 7 kg (9 lbs).
  • Additional allowances are available for Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Chairman's lounge Frequent Flyer or a Qantas Club members.

A Final Note On Baggage

  • For both international and domestic travel no single item of baggage should exceed 32 kg (70 lbs) in weight.
  • Under no circumstances should you carry luggage for other people and make sure that you pack your own bags. Unwary travellers have been duped into carrying and checking in bags and parcels containing drugs or prohibited items. It is wise to lock your own baggage.
  • Information on restricted imports and exports can be obtained from the consulate of the countries you intend to visit                                          

240 volt Adaptor   return to tips for easier packing

  • It is advisable to take along an electrical adapter kit for your battery charger, hair dryer, shaver or travel iron.
  • Australia runs on 240 volts rather than 110 and your electrical adapter kit will not only convert the electric current, but also accommodate Australian plug designs.
  • Hair dryers are supplied with most accommodation. If not, they are cheap to purchase.

Small Day Pack  return to tips for easier packing

  • A small nylon daypack is great for carrying your sweater, camera, literature, and picnic goodies while you leave your large bag at the hotel or train station.
  • Fanny packs ( warning the word "fanny" has different meaning in Australia) are a popular alternative but should not be used as money belts.
  • Packing a extra empty lightweight bag might come in handy if you plan to bring home more than you take.

return to tips for easier packing

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