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Photo: C & D Frith  
Australian Tropical Birds

ENDEMIC Tropical North QLD

GREY-HEADED ROBIN: Poecilodryas albispecularis 17 cm

  • In Australia the Grey-headed Robin is restricted to rainforests of the Wet Tropics region.

  • There is another population in the New Guinea highlands.    

  • Unlike most robins in Australia, the Grey-headed Robin’s appearance is a mixture of greys and browns. Most other robins are bright pinks, reds and yellows. However, the Grey-headed Robin is certainly no less beautiful.

  • Due to its tortoise shell colouring, it can be difficult to see when not moving or at a distance.

  • It has both a single monotone whistle call and a two-tone whistle call, which are both familiar sounds in the Atherton Region.

  • It lives in the lower levels of the rainforest. It often perches on a low branch or sits sideways on a tree trunk and then darts down onto prey below, or hops over the forest floor looking for food.

  • Partners together build their fragile nests of moss and tendrils from 1 to 4m above the ground, regularly on lawyer vine stems.

  • When the female is incubating the eggs, the male often feeds her with such items as worms, insects or small lizards.

  • The breeding season is from July to March.

  • They are often seen hopping along the logs edging the lower picnic area, looking for insects and larvae.

  • The Grey-headed Robin is observed every day at the forest edge or on the lawn
    at Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodge. 

Additional Information: Courtesy of Damon Ramsey

  • The birds colours can make it hard  to be seen bouncing around the floor of the rainforest.

  • Fortunately, it some areas it can become quite tame, and can be watched as it frequently hops up to alight a branch or perch at an upright angle on a vertical trunk.

  • The bird can then be matched up with it's call, one of the most obvious, distinctive, constant and ultimately annoying calls of the forest, a series of constant high whistles; 'whi…..whi…..whi…..whi…..whi…..whi…' and so on.

  • Although in some places it can locally common, this bird's range is very restricted; it is found only in the north east of Queensland, and there only in the higher altitude rainforest.

Script: Courtesy of  Damon Ramsey BSc.(Zool) Biologist Guide

Additional Grey-Headed Robin Photos


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