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Photo: Courtesy of Graeme Guy

LEWIN'S HONEYEATER: Meliphaga lewinii 20 cm

  • Lewin’s Honeyeater is the extremely similar counterpart of the Yellow-spotted and Graceful Honeyeaters that replace it in foothill and coastal districts.

  • Its loud staccato call is one of the familiar sounds of upland rainforests.

  • It feeds mainly on insects, nectar and fruit.
  • Many have learnt to visit picnic tables to look for crumbs.
  • Several are daily visitors to the lodge railings at Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodge .


Additional Information: Courtesy of Damon Ramsey

  • This medium sized honeyeater is one of the most common and diagnostic birds of the Australian east coast rainforests.

  • In the tropics it is usually found at higher altitudes.

  • It's call is one of the most familiar and distinctive sounds of the rainforest, a fast 'machine gun' like series of whistles.

  • If you get a good, close look, you may notice that it tends to be slightly chubbier than the other Meliphagas, the yellow patch tends to be fuller and more of a half moon, and there are small scale like marks on the breast.

Additional Lewin's Honeyeater Photo


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