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Wandering Whistling-Duck

Whistling Duck
Photo: Courtesy of
 Naturalist Guide Damon Ramsey  


WANDERING WHISTLING-DUCK: Dendrocygna arcuata 54 - 60cm

  • They are also called 'tree ducks' due to their habit of sitting on logs and in trees rather than in the water.

  • They usually graze on grasses, often quite far away from water, and often at night.

Identifying characteristics:

  • Called "whistling" because of their calls and the sound of their flight. 

  • In flight, it has short rounded wings, with trailing legs.

  • Has blackish crown and hind neck, and brownish-black upperparts


  • Wetlands throughout the tropics. Also found in North America.


  • Found in deep vegetated lagoons and swamps, and flooding grasslands.


  • Is a distinctive; shrill and whistling.

Script courtesy of Naturalist Guide Damon Ramsey

Additional Whistling Duck Photos


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