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'The Barramundi is one of the most well-known fish in Australia. Barra are the stuff that angler's dreams are made of: a sporting catch, lovely to eat and plenty of it at a maximum of 60kg (132 pounds). The biggest ones measure nearly 1.8 metres (6 feet) in length so they must be a real challenge to haul into the boat! The huge demand for this fish has sparked a multi-million dollar aquaculture and commercial fishing industry. Barra are restocked into waterways and dams to replenish the supply and you'll find barramundi (Lates calcarifer) served at most seafood restaurants in coastal Queensland.'
Wet Tropics Management Authority

Tinaroo Jack's Guided Barramundi Fishing Tours

Jack Leighton "Tinaroo Jack"

Location: Lake Tinaroo, Tinaroo.
Contact: Email: 
(07) 4095 8425
61 7 4095 8425

  • Tinaroo Waters Birds and Barra offers the most experienced fishing guide in the business. 

  • Jack Leighton will help you catch the 'Big Barra'.

    Full Day Tour:

  • Lure, Fly or Bait Fishing.

  • Boat Use.

  • Experienced Fishing Guide.

  • Morning & Afternoon Tea.

  • Lunch.

  • 4 People Max

  • $440.

    Half Day Tour:

  • $275.


  • The Queensland Fisheries Management Authority has organised recreational fishing for Barramundi and Crayfish in Lake Tinaroo.

  • Lake Tinaroo is being stocked regularly with fish. Barramundi do not breed because they have no access to salt water to spawn, therefore, the closed season (set due to breeding periods) does not apply.  

  • Similarly, the maximum size limit (set to protect large female Barramundi) does not apply, as the females can not contribute to the natural spawning process.

  • All Barramundi caught at Lake Tinaroo between the 1st of November and the 1st of February must be tagged as with Barramundi which exceed 120cm. This is proof to authorities that the fish caught are in fact a legal catch from Lake Tinaroo.

  • The change in regulations enables recreational fishers to fish for Barramundi and Crayfish without harming wild self-sustaining numbers.

  • The minimum size limit is 58cm.

  • The bag limit is five Barramundi.

  • Crayfish pots are available on the Tablelands for recreational use.

Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodges
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