Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodges
Tropical North Queensland, Australia.
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Rainforest Plants\Trees

Australian Maple
Flindersia spp.
Black Bean
Castanospermum australe
Bleeding Heart
Omalanthus spp
Brown Silky OakBrown Silky Oak
Darlingia darlingiana
Bumpy Satin-ashes
Syzgium spp
Cassowary Plum
Cerbera floribunda
Family Rubiaceeae
Hibiscus tiliaceus
Alocasia brisbanensis
Dwarf_HarpulliaDwarf Harpullia
Harpullia frutescens
Ficus spp.
Hairy Walnut
Endiandra insignis
Lantana camara
Lawyer VineLawyer Vine
Calamus muelleri
LeichardtLeichhardt Tree
Nauclea orientalis
Dendrophthoe falcata
Native JasmineNative Jasmine
Jasminim spp.
Northern Silky Oak Cardwellia sublimis
October GloryOctober Glory
Faradaya splendida
Melaleuca spp.
EuodiaPink-flowered Euodia
Euodia elleryana

Elaeocarpus spp.
SarsaparillaSarsaparilla Tree Alphitonia spp.Singapore Daisy
Family Asteraceae
Stinging TreeStinging Tree
Dendrocnide moroides
Strangler FigStrangler Fig
Ficus destruens
Umbrella TreeUmbrella Tree Schefflera actinophylla
Native Nutmeg
Myristica insipida
Idiospermum australiense
Tulip Oak
Argydendron spp.
Native Walnuts/Laurels
Family: Lauraceae
Common Pepper
Piper caninum

Brown Kurrajong
Commersonia batramia

Hairy Pittosporum
Pittosporum rubigosum

Rose Butternut
Blepharocarya involucrigera

Pink Evodia
Melicope elleryana

Shell Vine or Conch Vine
Connarus conchocarpus

Plum Boxwood, Brown Pearwood
Niemeyera prunifera

Chain Fruit
Alyxia spp.

Milky Pine or Milkwood
Alstonia spp.

Eupomatia spp.

Brown Gardenia
Attractocarpus fitzalanii

Hairy Gardenia
Attractocarpus hirta

Walking Stick Palms
Linnospadix spp.

Climbing Pandan
Freycinetia spp.

Pandanus gemmifer

Elephant Ears
Alocasia spp.

Flagellaria indica

Palm Lily
Cordyline cannifolia

Striped Cucumber
Diplocyclos palmatus

Plants of the Australian tropical rainforest

  • Plants are the most obvious of life forms to the casual visitor to the Australian tropical rainforest; indeed, for many people this may be initially all they can see.

  • While they vary enormously, most are linked by their ability to make their own food through the use of sunlight in a reaction known as 'photosynthesis', which occurs through the most familiar of plant parts, the green leaf.

  • The tropical rainforests of the Wet Tropics are the richest area of Australia for plant diversity.

  • There are at least 1160 species of higher plants recorded from the north-eastern Queensland rainforests, with new species being named every year.

  • The region has also been recognized for it's high endemism; that is many of the species here are found nowhere else.

  • The bewildering array of forms of the rainforest is presented here in groups according to standard understanding of evolutionary order, that is, with the primitive plants at the beginning, then 'progressing' through to the flowering plants.

Script: Courtesy of  Damon Ramsey BSc.(Zool) Biologist Guide

Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodges
Lake Eacham, Atherton Tablelands
Tropical North Queensland, Australia.
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